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Prickly pear oil

Abgur Argan skin oil

  • 100% premium coldpressed argan oil
  • Has natural antioxidants, protein and vitamin E
  • Is very rich in essential fatty acids
  • It helps to hydrate and soften dry and irritated skin
  • Nurtures and strengthens the skin, hair and body.
  • Help counter damaging effects on the skin caused by the sun
  • Absorbs directly into the skin
  • Does not feel greasy on the skin
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Argan oil

Abgur Prickly pear seed oil

  • A natural beauty elixer
  • Strong anti-aging product
  • Reinforced skin and faded wrinkles.
  • Optimal protection due to the antioxidants
  • Gives mature skin's her vitality and elasticity back.
  • Excellent remedy for acne, scars and other form of skin patches.
  • Easily absorbed by the skin
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Culinary oil

Pumpkinseed oil, not only tasty but also healthy!

A source of protein, iron, and vitamins B group, vitamin B1 is important in the metabolism and vitamin B2 promotes healthy skin, nails and promotes hair growth. Contains 5x more Vitamin E than olive oil.

Saffron, the king of herbs

Saffron from Morocco. Beyond that saffron is delicious in the kitchen or in the tea, saffron promotes digestion and stimulates blood circulation. recommends the following products
Everything about natural cosmetics and culinary oils
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