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Argan skin oil

  • 100% premium coldpressed argan oil
  • Has natural antioxidants, protein and vitamin E
  • Is very rich in essential fatty acids
  • It helps to hydrate and soften dry and irritated skin
  • Nurtures and strengthens the skin, hair and body.
  • Help counter damaging effects on the skin caused by the sun
  • Absorbs directly into the skin
  • Does not feel greasy on the skin

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Abgur Prickly pear seed oil

  • A natural beauty elixer
  • Strong anti-aging product
  • Reinforced skin and faded wrinkles.
  • Optimal protection due to the antioxidants
  • Gives mature skin's her vitality and elasticity back.
  • Excellent remedy for acne, scars and other form of skin patches.
  • Easily absorbed by the skin

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Pumpkinseed oil, not only tasty but also healthy!

A source of protein, iron, and vitamins B group, vitamin B1 is important in the metabolism and vitamin B2 promotes healthy skin, nails and promotes hair growth. Contains 5x more Vitamin E than olive oil.

Saffron, the king of herbs

Saffron from Morocco. Beyond that saffron is delicious in the kitchen or in the tea, saffron promotes digestion and stimulates blood circulation.

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