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Argan oil

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In a nut shell:
It has twice as much vitamin E as olive oil and is rich in anti-oxidants, which help neutralize free radicals and prevent skin damage.
80% unsaturated and contains eight essential fatty acids including Omega 6, which can’t be produced by the body. It helps prevent loss of moisture from the skin, nose, lungs, digestive system and brain. EFAs also help the formation of prostaglandins, some of which reduce pain and swelling and others improve circulation and lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
Contains plant sterols, which have anti-inflammatory properties and can help conditions such as arthritis.
contains saponins, which soften the skin and ease acne and eczema and it restores the skin’s water lipid layer, helping to minimize wrinkles.
Can help protect the heart, liver and gall bladder.
It aids digestion by increasing the amount of peptin in digestive fluids.
It’s reputed to be an aphrodisiac.

What is argan oil

Argan oil is an oil produced from the kernels from the nuts of the Argan tree (Argania spinosa) an endemic argan tree that is valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and number medicinal properties. The tree, a relict species from the Tertiary age, is extremely well adapted to drought and other environmentally difficult conditions of south-western Morocco. The benefit is that the species Argania once covered entire North Africa and now is endangered and under protection of UNESCO. Argan oil remains one of the rarest oils in the world due the small and very specific growing area.
The production of argan oil, which is still mostly done by traditional methods, is a lengthy process done by women of this region. The most consuming time of the process, cracking the nuts, is still realized by hand. People abroad are more and more interested in this oil either for its cosmetic and nutritional properties. The seeds are then removed and gently roasted. This roasting accounts for part of the oil's distinctive. The argan oil is slightly darker than olive oil and has a nutty flavour. The traditional technique for oil extraction is to grind the roasted seeds to dough, with a little water, in a stone rotary quern. The paste is then squeezed between hands to extract the oil. The extracted paste, amlou, is still oil-rich. Our oil is cold pressed with mechanical press now a day. Using mechanical presses, mixing of the dough and water is unnecessary and the dough can be directly pressed. All other steps remaining unchanged, the oil is obtained in about 43% yield (calculated from the kernels) and only two hours are needed to get one litre of oil that preserves correctly.
What is the difference between culinary and cosmetic argan oil argan oil?

To produce the culinary argan oil the argan seeds will be lightly roasted. This because they can press more oil from it  and for the delicious nutty taste.
At the production of the cosmetic argan oil the seeds ar unroasted. The oil is more concentrated. And therefore quickly absorbed through the skin.

Argan oil and health

Argan oil is exceptionally rich in natural tocopherol (vitamin E), rich in phenols and phenolic acid. Other benefits of argan oil is tha it is rich in carotenes, rich in squalene, rich in essential fatty acids, 80% unsaturated fatty acids and depending on extraction method more resistant to oxidation than olive oil. The composition of argan oil is quite alike peanut oil's composition: predominately monounsaturated fat with omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3. We recommend steaming or broiling your food and adding the oil afterwards, for flavor only. You can also use it sparingly in salad dressing with for example fish or strong cheesed. Lovely on fish our spinach our other strong tasted greenery’s. It is better to keep the oil refrigerated and consume it quickly once you open the bottle.  Our sprinkle some arganoil over your yoghurt with honey. Argan oil is used for dipping bread, on couscous, salads and similar uses.

Organic argan oil

Argan oil is often named "the gold of Morocco" not only for the benefits but also because of its exclusive soft nutty taste and the labour intensive process to produce it. It is ideal to enrich salads with blue cheese and to flavour vegetables, Greek Yoghurts and other dishes. .
Furthermore we offer a wide range of natural cosmetics made from pure cold pressed argan oil skin and other essential oils and herbs.

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