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Argan oil Skin

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100% argan oil for the skin

Argan oil has been used for centuries to protect the legendary beauty of Berber women, having used it to treat their face, body and hair from the scorching wind, sun and desert sands. On top of having such rare beauty promoting properties, argan oil has long been used in traditional medicine to treat and heal skin diseases such as acne, chicken pox, chapping, eczema and skin irritations. So it is more than just a powerful moisturizer and highly nutritive active ingredient, argan oil has one of the highest antioxidant and anti free radicals content of any oil.
By actively stimulating the cells' oxygenation, argan oil restores the hydro lipid layer and extracellular matrix, bringing essential nutrients back to the epidermis, and preventing the deficiencies that cause the appearance of wrinkles.
Sublime, facial treatment based on argan oil, prickly pear oil and neroli oil.
An intense facial care with cosmetic argan oil as a base, with the addition of prickly pear oil with a hint of neroli oil. This sublime trio specially developed to delay skin aging. The combination of argan oil and prickly pear is a very effective means to counteract premature wrinkles and fade fine lines. The oil stimulates cell renewal and provides for the strengthening of the skin. This oil contains 2 extreme vitamin E. Delta and Gamma tocopherol so the skin has an optimal protection from harmful influences. The addition of neroli oil promotes and stimulates new skin cells to create a healthy skin. For daily use on a clean   

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