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Argan oil for nails?

Blog geplaatst op: 04-11-2014


Your hands and your nails are exposed to various substances such as detergents, cleaners and other acts. The hands and, in particular, the nails can therefore dry out and the result of this is that they are brittle and will break off.

By regularly to nourish your hands and nails with Abgur argan oil, the hands are soft and the nails will be strong and hard.

The high content of vitamin E and the structure of the oil causes the oil and withdraws around the nail and the nail noticeably stronger and shinier.

Abgur argan oil is 100% organic, naturally and can be us on wounds, infections or other irritations around the nail. Another advantage is that the oil can be used indefinitely on skin and nails and cuticles.

Argan oil is not only good for the skin, but certainly for nails and cuticles!

How to use Abgur argan oil for the nails? Use some oil on the nails and massage the oil gently. After this treatment the cuticles are soft, if desired push it back with a rubber cuticle pusher.

Or take a bath with water, argan oil and lemon juice. Baptism here a short 5-minute nails and then rinse with water.

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